What do we mean by "timber assurance"?

Since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, non-governmental organizations and their governmental counterparts have been developing systems and processes for providing assurances to consumers that the wood products they purchase originate from legal and/or sustainable sources. 

The purpose of the timber assurance website is to present U.S. trading partners, governments, corporations, and other interested entities with information pertinent to the legality and sustainability of timber and wood products procured within the bounds of the United States and its territories. This information demonstrates realistic assurances of the low-risks posed from procuring U.S. forest-based products from illegal and/or unsustainable sources.

Not sure where to start? TimberAssurance.Org provides the following information:

Legality.  Click the "Legality" tab above to access U.S. forest ownership statistics, and pages overviewing landowner rights and the governance structure of forest management in the U.S.

Sustainability.  Next up, travel to the "Sustainability" tab to learn about the federal laws and policies that apply to all U.S. land (of any type or ownership) and the seven categories of forestry-related programs, policies, and reports that all the states and territories use.

Additional Resources.  Last but not least, stop by the "Additional Resources" section for information on third party forest certification, permitting, licensing, and training.

Are you looking for information specific to one state or territory? Click here to access an interactive map of all 50 states and U.S. territories.

TimberAssurance.Org specifically provides information on the legality and sustainability of U.S. forest lands owned and managed by state agencies, private individuals, private corporations, and other recognized private legal entities. Federal lands, which are managed according to different laws and solely by the federal government, are not addressed on this website.