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Forest Action Plan

Providing forest management

Wyoming’s Forest Action Plan identifies important forest landscapes across all ownerships based on an analysis of key data layers. Products of the assessment include a map of important forest landscapes and a description of the threats and priorities for those areas. The assessment identifies 15 threats and priorities, including forest health, wildfire management, the need for a viable forest products industry, the decline of riparian forests, the challenge of community forestry in Wyoming, protection of water quality and quantity, and more.

The strategy describes the tactics landowners and land managers can use to address the threats and priorities identified in the assessment. The strategy also identifies stakeholders, partners, and resources needed for implementation and provides management direction for land managers as they plan activities and allocate limited state, private, and federal resources.

Best Management Practices

Wyoming’s best management practices (BMPs) program is non-regulatory. The agency responsible for BMPs policy development is the Wyoming State Forestry Division.

Click here to view the most recent BMPs recommendations on the state forestry agency website.

Click the following links to view available BMP monitoring data and implementation rates from NASF’s 2015 BMP survey and NASF’s 2019 BMP survey.

Wyoming Forestry Publications

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