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Forest Carbon Network

The NASF Forest Carbon Network was launched in 2021 to help connect forest managers and stakeholders actively working in the forest carbon space.  This webpage serves as a clearinghouse for resources on carbon markets for state forestry agencies and provides a venue for Carbon Network members and partners to exchange information and collaborate on new projects.


NASF Briefer on Forest Carbon Markets | Published August 2021

This briefer is delineated into three sections:

  1. NASF Policy Recommendations on State Engagement in Forest Carbon Activities,
  2. Key Terms and Concepts for State Agency Engagement in Carbon Market Conversations, and a
  3. Synopsis of Current Forest Carbon Market and Program Options

It also includes a  letter from NASF Forest Resource Committee Chair and Minnesota State Forester Forrest Boe and several embedded video presentations:

NASF Policy Statement: “Enhancing Forest Resilience and the Role of Forests in Dealing with Climate Change” | Published September 2020

This document makes recommendations for:

  1. Increasing Carbon Storage in Forests with Tree Planting and Carbon Payments to Private Landowners,
  2. Increasing Carbon Storage in Forest Products through Mass Timber Construction and USDA Forest Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture programs,
  3. Increasing the Use of Forest Biomass for Energy, and
  4. Placing Greater Emphasis on Climate Change in Federal Program Implementation
NASF Slide Deck: “Opportunities to Mitigate Climate Change with Forests and Wood” | Presented October 2021

This slide deck was presented by NASF Communications Director Whitney Forman-Cook at the National Association of State Conservation Agencies’ 2021 Annual Meeting held in Spokane, Washington.

II. Relevant Research

Report: Theory and Practice of ‘Stacking’ and ‘Bundling’ Ecosystem Goods and Services
Article: Forest Management for Carbon Sequestration and Climate Adaptation
Article: A new remote sensing-based carbon sequestration potential index (CSPI): A tool to support land carbon management

III. Notable News

Story: Forest Investor Club set up at COP26 meet
Report: Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry Strategy: 90-Day Progress Report
Short Course (Feb. 8 -): Physical Science of Forests, Climate Regulation, and Carbon Storage
Webinar Recording: How to Ensure High Integrity When Purchasing Carbon Credits
Blog Post: Break-Even Analysis for Forest Carbon Contracts
Blog Post: Preparing to Position Timberland Investments for Emerging Forest Carbon Markets

IV. Additional Resources

Forest Proud (#forestproud) Content Library | Webpage

High-level. Engaging. Flexible. These climate focused resources are optimized for Instagram and Twitter. Use them as is, pull out components to use as standalone posts, or combine any of these elements with your own content to create a truly unique, engaging, and compelling story about who we are, what we do, and why it matters.

USDA Forest Service Carbon Training | PDF Slide Deck

This slide deck was created by the Forest Service Office of Sustainability and Climate.

USDA Forest Service Forest Carbon Infographics  | PDF Infographics

This infographic series by the Forest Service depicts: 1) the forest carbon cycle, 2) forest carbon flux, and 3) forest carbon storage (including how it is affected by land use and management).

Comparison of Forest Carbon Programs | PDF Table

This table from The Forestry Source compares various forest carbon programs for small landowners.

Introduction to Forest Carbon | PDF Document

This resource is from The Eastern Forestry notes, a series by NC State, that is a base-level introduction to forest carbon-offset markets.

Forest Carbon from Young vs. Old Forests | PDF Infographic

This resource is from The National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc (NCASI) that is an infographic comparing carbon storage for both young and old forests.

Carbon Perspectives for Wood Panels | PDF Document

This resource was commissioned by The Composite Panel Association (CPA) to determine the net carbon impact of wood composite panels (WCPs).

Forest Carbon Data Visualization | Webpage

This data visualization is intended to help users better understand how forests and climate intersect using the best, publicly available data sets, most of which are provided by the U.S. government.

SGSF Carbon Credits 101  | Presentation

This presentation was made by the Southern Group of State Foresters (SGSF) to provide information on carbon credits for forest landowners.

Leveraging State Trust Forest Lands | Project Report

Prepared by Dovetail Partners in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Resource Assessment Program, University of Minnesota Duluth Natural Resources Research Institute, the Minnesota Office of School Trust Lands, and The Nature Conservancy, this project report explores applying forest carbon management practices to potential project areas.

A Menu of State Actions to Promote Forest Carbon Sequestration and Storage | Policy Brief

This report, developed by Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, presents a “menu” of policy and program options (referred to as action items) derived from existing state programs and policies that decision makers can leverage to promote forest carbon solutions.

SAF Position Statement on Forest Management | Paper

This paper by the Society of American Foresters (SAF) highlights the increasingly complex opportunities and challenges associated with forest management for mitigating and adapting to climate change and outlines relevant science-based policies and actions.

V. ARCHIVED Network Webinars

Network Meeting, January 20, 2022 | Presenters: David Price, Michigan Forest Management Division; Sean Babington, USDA Climate Lead; and Kurt Krapfl, Winrock International
Network Meeting, May 26, 2022 | Presenters: Susan Ellsworth, USFS Director for Forest Health and Markets; Lara Murray, USFS Natural Resource Science Specialist and Dr. Chris Woodall, USFS Research Forester; and Dr. Amitava Chatterjee, USDA Agricultural Research Service Research Soil Scientist
Network Meeting, November 14, 2022 | Presenters: Chad Papa, Michigan State University on their survey of state needs for carbon expertise; and Todd Ontl, USFS on a project to inventory Massachusetts’ Carbon Stocks

For more information about the NASF Forest Carbon Network, or to submit a resource for inclusion on this webpage, please email Marvin Brown.

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