My Tree—Our Forest


Forests aren’t just found on mountain sides or in wild, untouched places.

You call a forest home, whether you know it or not. All the trees within your community make up a forest—from the pine tree outside your bedroom window to the maple tree you pass on your daily commute.

Healthy community forests help maximize the lifetime of grey infrastructure, like stormwater systems, and are proven to bolster local economies, improve human health, and bring communities closer together. Put simply, community forests provide essential benefits we can’t live without.

How can I care for the tree that cares for me?

Healthy community forests aren’t a given. They take work.

For decades, state forestry agencies have helped communities manage their forests by providing technical and financial assistance to conservation groups and government agencies for the planting and care of street, park, and other community trees.

The My Tree—Our Forest campaign helps state forestry agencies deliver this same tree planting and care expertise directly to community residents, so once equipped with the know-how, anyone—anywhere—can care for the trees that care for them.

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