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Forest Action Plan

Keeping forests a vital part of Wisconsin life

Wisconsin’s Forest Action Plan is a statement of intent by those most involved in the protection and sustainable management of Wisconsin’s forests regarding how to address opportunities for growth and challenges that have the potential to significantly impact Wisconsin’s forests over the next decade. It establishes goals and strategies that serve as guideposts and provides a long-term coordinated approach for investing resources to address the management and landscape priorities identified.

Best Management Practices

Wisconsin’s best management practices (BMPs) program is regulated at the local level, but not the state-level. The state department responsible for BMPs policy development is the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Click here to view the most recent BMPs recommendations on the state forestry agency website.

Click the following links to view available BMP monitoring data and implementation rates from NASF’s 2015 BMP survey and NASF’s 2019 BMP survey.

Wisconsin Forestry Publications

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