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Forest Action Plan

Oregon’s bountiful trees and forests

Of Oregon’s 30 million acres of forests, nearly 60 percent is federally owned and managed. Private landowners own 34 percent; with about 6 percent in city, county, state, or tribal ownership. Wood production comes primarily from private forests, supporting more than three-fourths of Oregon’s annual timber harvest. Oregon is home to some of the most productive forestland in the world. Its forests are diverse and provide important habitat for fish and wildlife.

Oregon’s Forest Action Plan maps three types of high priority forests: those facing landscape wildfire risk, those vulnerable to conversion out of forest use, and those with important fish and wildlife habitats.

Best Management Practices

Oregon’s best management practices (BMPs) program is quasi-regulatory. The agency responsible for BMPs policy development is the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Click here to view the most recent BMPs recommendations on the state forestry agency website.

Click the following links to view available BMP monitoring data and implementation rates from NASF’s 2015 BMP survey and NASF’s 2019 BMP survey.

Oregon Forestry Publications

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