Northern Mariana Islands

Forest Action Plan

Enhancement of our limited and unique landscape

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is comprised of a chain of high volcanic islands located 1,000 miles south of Japan and 5,000 miles east of Hawaii. On tropical islands, where healthy forests are present, island life is enhanced by clean, fresh water, productive soil that stays in place, abundant wildlife, and healthy reefs and lagoons that provide seafood and countless resources for native islander’s traditional needs. When island forests are destroyed, the soil is washed down slope by tropical rains, fresh water becomes scarce, wildlife disappears, and corals sicken and die from sediment and chemical changes caused by too much soil.

When carefully managed, forests also can provide a sustained yield of medicine, food, fuel, fiber, lumber, and poles to meet the needs of island people. The mission of CNMI Forestry is to promote best management practices while sustaining a healthy, diversity and productivity on our fragile forest and grassland resources for present and future generations.  The priorities in the CNMI Forest Action Plan are set for conservation, protection, and enhancement of our limited and unique landscape.

Northern Mariana Islands Forestry Publications

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