Established in 1920, the National Association of State Foresters is a non-profit organization composed of the directors of forestry agencies in the states, U.S. territories, and District of Columbia. Our members manage and protect state and private forests, which encompass nearly two-thirds of the nation's forests.


From wildfire prevention to suppression, state forestry agencies play critical roles in managing wildfire nationwide.

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Forest Management

Active forest management is central to the health, productivity, and resiliency of forests.

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Forest Action Plans

Collectively, state Forest Action Plans make up one strategic plan for America's forests.

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Us: 👁👄👁 Peaks of Otter Salamander: ⚫👅⚫ Hey Forest Friends, meet the lungless Peaks of Otter Salamander, and our first #CreatureFeature. In honor of #AmphibianWeek, we are recognizing this little critter and his role within his forested habitat. credit: Meagan Racey/USFWS

This week is #AirQualityAwarenessWeek! During last year's devastating California wildfires, satellites observed smoke pollution drifting all the way to Europe. It’s important to remember that wildfire smoke can seriously impact the air quality of people thousands of miles away.

(1/2) #Wildfiresmoke can impact anyone – even those thousands of miles away. The impacts of wildfire smoke may vary though. Researchers found that wildfire smoke is most problematic for populations with preexisting health conditions caused by other air pollution-related exposure

(2/2) “For example, low-income kids in... San Joaquin Valley have very high asthma rates due to chronic poor air quality. When a wildfire event occurs... preliminary evidence suggests they are disproportionately likely to end up in the ER...” @Stanford…

Today is #InternationalFirefightersDay! Let's take a moment to thank wildland firefighters 👏 With wildfire seasons becoming longer and more intense, firefighters face unprecedented danger. Please remember to do your part in preventing wildfires 🧠🔥 @US_Wildfire @forestservice

Wildfire smoke emissions can seriously affect human health. #StateForesters utilize controlled burns to reduce fuels and prevent catastrophic wildfires. #Rxfire can actually help REDUCE the impacts of wildfire smoke on public health. No wonder its called “good fire”! #AQAW2021

MAY you enjoy the latest in forestry headlines! (Get it? 👀) Read on to learn how Hawai’i protects against invasive species, what #StateForesters are up to on Capitol Hill, and more!

NASF wishes you a Happy Arbor Day! Planting a tree is an investment in the future of our planet. Hear from State Forester John Erixson of @NebraskaForest (the birthplace of Arbor Day) on how he is celebrating National #ArborDay this year.

RT @TAMU: Meet our Moon Tree! 🌔🌳 A descendent of a seed that journeyed to the moon with Apollo 14 is now growing at @TAMUGardens! Col. Mi…

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