Established in 1920, the National Association of State Foresters is a non-profit organization composed of the directors of forestry agencies in the states, U.S. territories, and District of Columbia. Our members manage and protect state and private forests, which encompass nearly two-thirds of the nation's forests.


From wildfire prevention to suppression, state forestry agencies play critical roles in managing wildfire nationwide.

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Forest Management

Active forest management is central to the health, productivity, and resiliency of forests.

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Forest Action Plans

Collectively, state Forest Action Plans make up one strategic plan for America's forests.

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Have you heard about our #CentennialChallenge? Each U.S. state and territory has taken on a 100-themed challenge to help celebrate NASF's 100th birthday. To date, 27 states have completed their challenges! Want to know what your state has planned? Visit:

💰 Authorize funding to implement promising research to protect native trees 🌳 Mandate a study to (1) identify barriers to non-native insect and pathogen research and (2) develop national strategies for saving tree species

If adopted, the bill would: 🐛 Expand @USDAAphis access to emergency funding to combat invasive species 🎓 Establish a grant program to support research that seeks to restore native trees compromised by invasive pests

#InvasiveSpecies are a major threat to our forests. For state foresters to work across boundaries and tackle non-native pests, they need more funding for existing forest health programming. The Invasive Species Prevention and Forest Restoration Act of 2021 would do just that.

Don't miss tomorrow’s episode of @NMPBS' Our Land featuring @NMStateForestry State Forester Laura McCarthy. Laura will discuss how climate change is influencing wildfire risk in Arizona and what concerns her most about future weather conditions.…

“The ... Act provides a strategy to improve forest health by improving coordination efforts combating non-native insects and disease-causing pathogens, providing needed funding for these efforts, and making invasives management a priority for federal agencies.”

NASF supports the newly introduced Invasive Species Prevention and Forest Restoration Act of 2021. Among the bill’s chief aims is to improve existing programs that help prevent the introduction of non-native forest pests. Read on:

NASF is pleased to congratulate Terry Cosby, a longtime forest advocate, on being appointed @USDA_NRCS chief. #StateForesters look forward to continuing their work to protect, enhance, and conserve America's forests in close partnership with @USDA.

Believe it or not, millions of ocean dwelling species actually depend on forests! #Forests prevent coastal erosion, keep water clean by storing nutrients, and some trees, like #mangroves, provide crucial habitat for smaller sea critters.

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