NASF meets with Administration to discuss priorities for next four years

State Foresters met with Butch Blazer, USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, this week to discuss priorities established by NASF for the next term of the Obama Administration.

The priorities include:

I. Commit to Protecting the Nation’s Forests, Rangelands and Communities from Wildland Fire
II. Support Efforts to Improve Markets for Forest Products
III. Support the Role of Forests in Delivering Clean Air and Water
IV. Provide a Framework for the Prevention and Detection of Forest Insect and Diseases
V. Provide Needed Resources and Flexibility to Implement Forest Action Plans
VI. Promote the Retention and Expansion of All Forest Lands
VII. Improve the Ability to Manage the National Forest System

During the meeting, NASF stressed the importance of Forest Action Plans, which focus on the priority needs and issues unique to each state. State Foresters encouraged the Administration to recognize the value of Forest Action Plans as a powerful tool to target limited resources where they are needed most.

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