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NASF launches new look for the State Foresters Store

For nearly a decade, NASF has operated the State Foresters Store with the express purpose of bringing unique, high-quality products to the state and private forestry community at the lowest prices possible. Now, thanks to your tremendous support over the last year, we’ve been able to update the online storefront with:

1. Easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly design. Finally! An online store for Smokey Bear products that looks and works like it’s from the 21st century.

2. New products! This year, NASF added 10 new products to the store. In 2020, we plan to add at least 10 more!

3. A way to donate to the NASF Foundation at check-out. Donating to the NASF Foundation just got a lot easier: You can still make donations through PayPal, but now you have the option of making a donation (of any size) through your shopping cart.

If you have questions about the new storefront, please email NASF Communications Director Whitney Forman-Cook at

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WE'RE HIRING! NASF is hiring an in-house Grants & Contracts Manager.