March 5, 2019

Do right by your trees: Prune, and prune correctly

March is a great time to prune trees. While pruning can be done at any time during the year, new growth is maximized, wound closure is fastest, and pest risks are lowest if pruning takes place before spring growth. Correctly pruning a tree lengthens its life and increases its value, however poor pruning—especially "topping"—can lead [read more]

February 21, 2019

NASF welcomes Joshua Knoll, the association’s newest intern

The time has come to welcome the association’s newest James Hubbard Intern for Policy and Communications. Help us welcome Joshua Knoll! Joshua will be assisting NASF staff in their work to inform forest policy and disseminate high-quality communications. He is looking forward to meeting and interacting with policy makers, industry specialists, and other professionals in [read more]

January 23, 2019

How first responders handle huge wildfires

Guest blog by Kelsey Ocampo, Two Way Direct Sometimes all it takes is a cigarette, careless campfire, or stray firework. Then, if conditions are right, a fire can grow to massive proportions, engulfing 3,000+ acres in under 24 hours. Firefighters and first responders of all kinds need to be ready. When the call goes out, this [read more]

January 8, 2019

NASF welcomes newest intern: Ashley Harrington

The association’s newest James Hubbard Intern for Policy and Communications is here! Join us in welcoming Ashley Harrington to the NASF team. Ashley will be assisting NASF staff in their work to inform forest policy and disseminate high-quality communications. She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge in the communication and policy arenas, as well [read more]

December 3, 2018

Ensuring your legacy with land succession planning

By Kiersten Ahrns | This blog is cross-posted on Women Owning Woodlands. For many families, land can be the glue holding the family together. In Virginia, the vast majority of woodland owners want to pass their woodlands forward to the next generation, but less than 2% have a written succession or estate plan. Unfortunately, these statistics are not [read more]

November 8, 2018

Rx fire in Florida highlighted in new videos

By Kiersten Ahrns Two newly released short films, linked and described below, explore how land and wildlife managers are using prescribed fire in Florida's scrub ecosystems to support the return of threatened and endangered species and improve landscape resiliency. Surviving Fire: In the Florida Scrub features three decades of fire ecology research, exploring the unexpected ways plants adapt to survive [read more]

September 24, 2018

Nomination period for 2019 Wildfire Mitigation Awards opens

The Wildfire Mitigation Awards Committee is pleased to invite nominations for the 2019 Wildfire Mitigation Awards. Established in 2014, in response to an overwhelming number of great wildfire mitigation program efforts across the nation, the national Wildfire Mitigation Awards program recognizes outstanding work and significant program impact in wildfire preparedness and mitigation. The Wildfire Mitigation Awards [read more]

August 28, 2018

National Association of State Foresters welcomes new intern

The association's newest James Hubbard Intern for Policy and Communications is here! Join us in welcoming Kiersten Ahrns to the NASF team. Starting now through the first week in December, Kiersten will be assisting NASF staff in their work to inform forest policy and disseminate high-quality communications. She is eager to interact with D.C.’s professional forestry community and contribute to NASF’s mission during her time in [read more]