Florida Forest Service Personnel Staging to Respond to Hurricane Irma

More than 100 Florida Forest Service personnel, as well as aircraft, off-road vehicles and mobile command posts, are preparing to respond to Hurricane Irma and assist in search and rescue missions, debris clearing, distributing supplies and more.

“More than 100 members of the Florida Forest Service, as well as aircraft and off-road vehicles, are preparing to immediately respond to the impacts of Hurricane Irma,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam. “While Florida's emergency managers continue to prepare and plan for potential landfall of Hurricane Irma, I encourage all Floridians to complete their preparations and finalize their plans before it's too late.”

During an emergency, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services helps provide necessary food and water to affected areas and helps protect animals and pets. The department's Florida Forest Service is responsible for incident management and assists emergency responders in clearing debris and distributing supplies. Additionally, the department's Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement provides law enforcement services to police departments and county sheriff's offices as necessary.

For more information and tips on hurricane preparedness, visit FloridaDisaster.org.

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