National Get Outdoors Day: Explore Your State Forests and Green Spaces

National Get Outdoors Day is this Saturday, June 13th, and many state forestry agencies are working to connect you to the trees that surround you.

Today, close to 80 percent of Americans live in cities. But, thanks to the great work of state foresters and their partners, the United States urban trees and forests provide plenty of opportunity for adventure nearby.

“Forests take a lot of different forms. It doesn’t matter if you’re out in the woods or in your neighborhood; the key thing is to get outdoors,” Oregon state forester Doug Decker said in a GO Day video.

Trees offer many benefits to the environment, humans, and the economy. An acre of forest captures between one and four tons of additional carbon yearly. In addition, trees create shade, which can save on air conditioning costs and lower the temperature of neighborhoods. Learn more about the benefits trees offer here.

To connect with outdoor activities in your state, contact your state forestry agency at

On Saturday’s National Get Outdoors Day, be sure to get outside and explore the trees near you. “You don’t have to wait until then to get out and explore the outdoors! Get out in the forest and enjoy some healthy outdoor activity,” Vermont state forester Steve Sinclair said in a video.

Start your own adventure with’s outdoor adventures toolkit. Share your time in the woods on social media using #GOday.

Linsey Stauffer is the policy and communications intern 

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