First annual “2013 Wildlife Emergency Medical Service Award” recipients announced

The National Wildlife Coordinating Group’s Incident Emergency Medical Subcommittee (IEMS) has announced the recipients of the “2013 Wildlife Emergency Medical Service Awards.”  This kicks off an annual awards program designed to honor organizations and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding work, actions, or programs in emergency medical service for wildland firefighters.

The four award categories that nominations were selected from include: Outstanding Wildfire EMS Individual; Outstanding Wildfire Squad/Crew/Team; Outstanding Wildfire EMS Distinguished Service; and Excellence in Wildfire EMS/Rescue.

Each of the awardees was recognized with a plaque and certificate of award.  The 2013 EMS recipients include:

§  Ms. Dia Gainer, Executive Director with the National Association of State EMS Officials in Falls Church, Virginia awarded the “Outstanding Wildfire Emergency Medical Service Distinguished Service Award.”

§  Mr. Alex Abols, Boise Smokejumper with the Bureau of Land Management awarded the “Outstanding Wildfire EMS Individual of the Year Award.”

§  The Florida Forest Service awarded the “Outstanding Wildfire EMS Team of the Year Award.:

§  The Horseshoe Meadows Interagency Hotshot Crew, the Arrowhead Interagency Hotshot Crew, and Nick Wydra and Jace Lundquist with the Lewis and Clark Interagency Hotshot Crew were all awarded the “Award of Excellence in Wildfire EMS/Rescue.”


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