Forest Research Advisory Council appoints 9 new members

The Forest Research Advisory Council (FRAC) is a statutory committee established to provide advice to the Secretary of Agriculture on accomplishing the puposes of the McIntire Stennis Act of 1962.  This act was created primarily to establish and maintain forestry research programs, creating a joint council between the Forest Service and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. 

FRAC recently reappointed two members and appointed nine new members. The reappointed members are:  Cassandra Moseley, University of Oregon, who chairs the Council, and Charles Vandersteen, Louisiana Forestry Association.  New appointees are:  Nicole Cavender, The Morton Arboretum; Kevin Cheung, Western Wood Products Association; Myron Floyd, North Carolina State University; Shibu Jose, University of Missouri; Henry Kodama, State Forester of South Carolina; Adrian Leighton, Intertribal Timber Council; Eric Norland, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture; Shannon Ramsey, Trees Forever; and Ronald Reed, Karuk Tribe. 

Other members of the 20 person Council include:  George Brown, Agenda 2020 Technology Alliance; Melissa Cook, Forest County Potawatomi; Daniel Dructor, American Loggers Council; Alexander Evans, Forest Guild; J. Keith Gilless, University of California, Berkeley; Carlos Rodriguez-Franco, U.S. Forest Service R&D; Robert Smith, Virginia Tech; and Eric Vance, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement.

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