NASF Foundation sponsors 2013 Photo Fellow

With support from the NASF Foundation and NASF have chosen the 2013 Photography Fellow. This year's fellow, Joel Prince of Ohio, was chosen from a pool of candidates who submitted their applications and portfolios earlier this month. The theme for this year's photo fellowship is "Embrace the Possibilities." 

"The phrase, “Embrace the Possibilities,” immediately stirs up a sense of optimism within me." Photo Fellow Joel Prince said. "My interpretation of “possibilities” is an ideal that while the forest is available for our use, we will use it wisely and maintain a healthy sustainable relationship with this abundant natural resource."

Recognizing the multitude of people and professions that own, appreciate and care for the nation’s forests, the 12-week fellowship will document the human experience in America’s forests. Fellow Joel Prince’s images will help articulate the benefits we derive from the sustainable management of our forests.

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