State foresters offer support for the Growing Climate Solutions Act

WASHINGTON—The National Association of State Foresters has offered its support for the Growing Climate Solutions Act (S. 3894), a bipartisan bill introduced by Senators Mike Braun of Indiana and Debbie Stabenow of Michigan.

“Right now, a lack of reliable information and limited access to qualified technical assistance providers and credit protocol verifiers are hindering landowner participation in carbon credit markets,” said Greg Josten, NASF president and South Dakota state forester. “State foresters are confident that if given access, thousands of private forestland owners across the country would be likely to participate in these emerging markets.”

The Growing Climate Solutions Act would create a USDA-run certification program—called the Greenhouse Gas Technical Assistance Provider and Third-Party Verifier Certification Program—to ensure third-party verifiers and technical service providers have the expertise necessary to help landowners generate carbon credits through agriculture and forestry practices. The program would also help connect landowners with these “USDA Certified” service providers and verifiers through a new website stocked with carbon market information and other resources.

“Over two-thirds of our nation’s forests are state or privately owned. The mitigating potential of these forests—some 525 million acres—cannot be understated,” said Jay Farrell, NASF executive director. “NASF looks forward to realizing the many of benefits of the Growing Climate Solutions Act and thanks Senators Stabenow and Braun for their leadership in introducing this important piece of legislation.”

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