In the 2008 Farm Bill, Congress tasked the states and territories with assessing all the  forests within their boundaries and developing strategies to improve the health, resiliency, and productivity of those forests. Assessing forest resources and engaging in strategic planning for those resources were not new activities for most states and territories. For others, the 2008 Farm Bill presented an opportunity to revise their usual agency planning process.

10-year REVISION REQUIREMENTS for forest action plans


  • Due dates for this 10-year revision, and future five-year reviews, are based on when each individual state last completed a full update or full revision to their Forest Action Plan.
  • For states that have not completed a full revision since 2010 (even if some substantive changes were made to portions of the Forest Action Plan), the deadline for revisions is June 2020.
  • Every national priorities section or report  (submitted in fall 2015) should be revised, along with the assessments and strategies by June 2020.


Guide for State Forest Action Plans

Developed by the USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, and the Northeast-Midwest State Foresters Alliance’s Forest Resource Planning Committee, this guide lists requirements and provides tips for state planners as they update their state Forest Action Plans.

UCF Resources for 10-Year Revisions

This document provides state forestry agencies with summaries of national and regional urban and community forestry (UCF) strategic plans and reports that could prove useful as they revise their own Forest Action Plans. It also includes a section on emerging UCF issues that may warrant inclusion in 10-year revisions and a list of reference language by UCF topic.

Forest Action Plan Implementation: Lessons Learned from the Northeast and Midwest

To foster continual learning and sharing around state Forest Action Plans, the Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters’ Forest Resource Planning Committee and USDA Forest Service’s Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry compiled the lessons learned specific to the implementation of these plans with the help of state forest planners across the Northeast and Midwest.

Guide for Using Social Media to Promote Forest Action Plans

NASF teamed up with the USDA Forest Service’s Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry team and the Northeast-Midwest State Foresters Alliance to deliver tips and tricks for using social media to promote Forest Action Plan revisions. The presentation covers: (1) the origin and basics of state Forest Action Plans and 10-year revisions due in 2020, (2) strategic messaging explaining the importance, purpose, and effects of Forest Action Plans, and (3) a list of easy, plug-and-play steps to boost engagement and reach on social media platforms.

Guide for Generating Infographics Using Your State’s Biennial Survey Data

Using the information state forestry agencies submitted for the 2018 NASF Biennial Survey and NASF Performance Measures, NASF has created a smart online form that allows users to display data points and statistics specific to a given state or region in appealing, social-media-ready configurations. Click here to access our “infographic generator” and above for the guide on using it.

How Conservation Districts Can Engage in the Forest Action Plan Revision Process

In November 2019, the National Association of Conservation Districts hosted a webinar entitled “Engaging Your State Forestry Agency for Urban and Community Forestry.” The webinar’s three presenters—Whitney Forman-Cook, NASF; Rachel Ormseth, South Dakota Division of Resource Conservation & Forestry; and Cindy Zenk, South Dakota’s Conservation Districts—discussed how conservation districts can engage their state forestry agencies through shared programming and the Forest Action Plan revision process.


Though not required, in many states there may be an opportunity to collaborate or coordinate with National Forest System land management planners during their revision process. Potentially helpful documents are below:


With general inquiries, please call the NASF office at  (202) 624-5415.

State Forestry Agency and USDA Forest Service Contacts for 10-Year Revisions:
  • Northeast and Midwest Forest Action Plan Revision Contacts [Updated April 2019]
  • West Forest Action Plan Revision Contacts [Updated June 2019]
  • South Forest Action Plan Revision Contacts [Updated April 2019]

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