Meet NASF’s summer intern Buddy Wilson!

The 2023 James Hubbard Intern for Policy and Communications is here! Please join us in welcoming Buddy Wilson to the NASF team.

Buddy is studying Environmental Science and Sustainability with a concentration in Policy and Planning at the University of Montana (UM). He is excited to learn from the knowledgeable team at NASF while advocating for forests at the federal level. Supporting both the Communications and Policy teams, he looks forward to bridging his love for the environment with his interest in politics while working with NASF.

At UM, Buddy is a Senator of the Associated Students of the University of Montana, a board member of the Montana Public Interest Research Group, and a volunteer for Soft Landing Missoula. He also recently completed a proposal to help the local government make use of the Inflation Reduction Act by utilizing an informational marketing campaign to reach homeowners.

Buddy enjoys hiking and spending time outside, and he has come to appreciate the importance and diversity of forest ecosystems all over the country. He has a special appreciation for the deciduous forests of North Carolina, where he grew up, the boreal forests of Alaska, where he has worked, and, of course, the diverse forests of western Montana (Go Griz!).



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