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NASF is officially #forestproud


NASF is now an official member
of #forestproud!


Forestproud's mission statement: "We are students, public servants, foresters, landowners, hikers, hunters, builders, manufacturers, data geeks, climate warriors, researchers, volunteers, loggers, tree planters. We are #forestproud.

What makes #forestproud such a great asset to the forestry community is how it connects the dots between forests—and all the products and benefits they provide—and the role they play in helping to fight climate change.

If you haven’t already seen #forestproud content on social media, in newsletters, or at meetings, here’s a brief introduction: #forestproud creates and delivers original, compelling content about forests and their carbon benefits. Their messages come in different forms, including gifs, videos, graphics, and written stories, and are specifically designed for audiences 18 to 34 year olds.

As a member of #forestproud, NASF is helping to build trust in the forestry sector and awareness of its important role in keeping forests as forests. As members of NASF, state forestry agencies also benefit from #forestproud:

  • All state forestry agency communications leads that weren’t already subscribed to #forestproud’s Communicators Note will start receiving this newsletter VERY soon. The email is delivered monthly and contains social media metrics, communications content, and usually some sort of insight or assessment of best practices. Here’s an example.
  • All state forestry agency communications leads will also be receiving a link via email to the #forestproud content library. No download or log in required, just free content pre-formatted for Instagram (stories + feed) and Twitter. Feel free to use the content as-is, pull out components, or combine any of these elements with your own content to create a truly unique, engaging, and compelling story.
  • As an official member, NASF has a say in forthcoming #forestproud content. This means there’s potential for state forestry agencies to get their specific content priorities met. Do you need more gifs with fall imagery? Post text and customizable messaging? Or would you REALLY appreciate an editorial schedule to piggyback on? We can make it happen!
  • Lastly (but not leastly 😉), NASF is sharing a coupon code for #forestproud’s ecommerce storefront. State forestry communications leads will receive the code, along with the link to #forestproud’s content library, in a separate email soon!

Want to learn more? Go to forestproud.org or follow @forestproud on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Are you a state forestry communicator that wants to be added to NASF’s communications email audience? Reach out to Communications Director Whitney Forman-Cook at wforman-cook@stateforesters.org.

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