New product lines hit the State Foresters Store

Spring has brought something special to the State Foresters Store: new Smokey Bear products!

We get it: Kitchen tables are the new classrooms and public get-togethers are on hold. There may not be as many opportunities to hand out Smokey-themed goodies, but you can still spread the good word on the importance of wildfire prevention.

Many of the newest additions to the State Foresters Store fit nicely in standard envelopes, and the rest can be sent by snail mail too (we know because we’ve tried it!) And at a time when our collective firefighting capacity is stretched thin, it’s more important than ever that Smokey’s message is delivered.

As always, our products are offered at the lowest prices possible. 

Some are sold in bulk, while others, like our new “Stately Treasures” Centennial poster and 16oz. drinking glass, are sold individually. Our latest arrivals are also unique to the State Foresters Store—you won’t see these items sold by any other licensed retailer of Smokey Bear products.

We don’t just depend on your business—we depend on your good work to prevent unwanted, human-caused wildfires. Thank you for all you do to protect us and our treasured forested landscapes from wildfire.

Wishing you the best,
John “Chris” Maisch
Alaska State Forester

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