Urban forest, tree stats available from Vibrant Cities Lab

Guest post by Jennifer Judd Hinrichs

The tree outside your window, next to your apartment, in the park, or on your street is all part of the urban forest where you live, work, or play. Decades of research shows that the urban forests in our backyards deliver measurable economic benefits, reduce strain on hard infrastructure, and improve people’s health and quality of life.

The Vibrant Cities Lab is an evolving, free tool that provides practical case studies, research and data on how urban forests make cities and communities – big and small – more sustainable (i.e., bolster stormwater management plans etc.) and healthier for all residents.

The Vibrant Cities Lab website is a joint project of the USDA Forest Service, American Forests, and the National Association of Regional Councils that merges the latest research with best practices for implementing green infrastructure projects in your community. The website's purpose is to help change makers, visionaries, and on-the-ground practitioners create and maintain livable green spaces. How will you use the latest statistics and case studies on urban forests and their benefits?

Jennifer Judd Hinrichs supports the work of the Vibrant Cities Lab Team. To learn more about Vibrant Cities Lab, you can contact her by email (jennifer@jjhinrichs.com).

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