Realignment and Reorganization Resolution

NASF members passed Resolution 2017-1 at their Annual Meeting this past week in Charleston, WV.  Resolution 2017-1 is a resolution passed for clarity. NASF and its members have had a long history of partnering with the U.S. Forest Service and does not wish to be realigned.   

As an organization, we realize that it is responsible for government to consider realignments and reorganization to improve efficiency. As an organization deeply enrooted and knowledgeable, we think it is essential for NASF to sit at the table for these talks if the new administration wishes to reorganize. 

Nothing has been identified at this time, but in the past, there has been some common feedback on realignment. There have been comments on dissolving into the Department of the Interior, with State and Private going to the NRCS. With that in mind, NASF knows what it means to be a responsible agency and how to publicly tackle this possible reorganization.

No one likes change, especially when it comes to the Federal government. This resolution does not wish for change, but understands the real possibility of change, and turns uncertainty into a positive message of growth.

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