Check Out Updated Tools and Resources for Women Landowners

Caring for your woods can be daunting. Where does one start? What programs exist to help you manage your land? Who do you contact?

In addition to your state forestry agency, the Women Owning Woodlands website at offers numerous tools and resources for landowners and their families who want to sustainably manage their woods.

The Women Owning Woodlands web project is a platform where landowners from all regions of the country can share stories and resources. The website features an activity section that lists workshops by region where landowners can spend the day in forests while learning new management skills. The website maintains an excellent resource page with links to agencies, including NASF's member agencies, that can assist woodland owners in meeting their stewardship goals.

The blog feature gives women woodland owners an opportunity to share their stories and impart their advice. The blog features stories in several categories, from marketing forest products to setting up a legacy. The posts are submitted to the website from landowners across the country sharing their expertise and experiences with others on a similar road.

Women Owning Woodlands is a collaborative project of the National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA) and the USDA Forest Service. The project is supported by volunteer and expert regional editors.

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