Spotlight on Savannah: Georgia Forest Facts

By Jessica Hernandez

Ever dreamed of visiting the enchanting city of Savannah, Georgia? Well now is your chance!

NASF’s 2016 annual meeting will be held in this historic city from September 19-22.

Of Georgia’s 37 million acres of land area, 24.8 million acres is forest land. More than 24 million acres are timberlands available for commercial use, more than any other state in the nation! With two out of every three raindrops falling in Georgia landing on forest lands, these forests are one of the most significant factors affecting the state’s water quality and quantity (

The majority of Georgia’s timberland is owned by private and non-industrial landowners. Georgia’s forest industry contributes to its economy tremendously being that it is the second largest industry in the state in terms of employment and wages. The forest industry provides an average of $448 million in state tax revenues each year. An estimated 47 Georgia counties are ranked as critically dependent, very dependent or moderately dependent on the forest products industry in terms of employment.

Georgia’s forests produce incredibly valuable economic benefits for the state as well as immense value to citizens in the form of essential ecosystem services. Trees are a renewable resource that provide clean air, clean water, carbon storage, wildlife habitat and aesthetics. A report by the University of Georgia found that these ecosystem services are worth an estimated $37 billion annually.

Georgia’s forests have the capacity to meet increased demands for goods and services now and in the future. To experience these precious landscapes, join NASF in Savannah this fall. An educational field tour will take place on Thursday, September 22. Register today at

Come and join us in experiencing the beauty that is Savannah, Georgia!

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