Karl Dalla Rosa Honored for Contributions to Forest Management

The National Association of State Foresters (NASF) recently honored Karl Dalla Rosa of the USDA Forest Service (USFS) with the Jim Sledge Current Achievement Award for Forest Management. The award recognized Dalla Rosa’s work on spatial data analysis in his role as manager of the agency’s Forest Stewardship Program.

“Karl was instrumental in bringing spatial data analysis to planning, implementation, and accomplishment reporting for the US Forest Service Forest Stewardship Program (FSP).  Under his tenure, states underwent the Spatial Analysis Project which required the assembly of common but state specific geospatial data to help develop their plans for implementing FSP.  States used this information to identify areas of resource richness, resource threats, and FSP potential,” Gregory J. Josten, South Dakota State Forester and member of the Forest Resources Management committee, wrote in a letter of support for the nominee.

Dalla Rosa also led the development of a national stewardship plan database to illustrate the nationwide implementation of the Forest Stewardship Program. The latest version of the database allows states to enter data directly into the database, or to upload data from their own geospatial databases. In addition, these tools can be used as a template to prepare forest stewardship plans or collect monitoring data.

“Karl’s leadership in the development of these nationally accepted techniques for planning, implementing activities, and reporting accomplishments through geospatial analysis tools has advanced and enhanced our ability to share our message into the 21st century,” Josten wrote.

The NASF Current Achievement Awards are presented annually to one or more deserving State Foresters, members of a State Forester's staff or individuals or organizations who partner in the protection and sustainable management of America’s forests. In order to be considered, the State Forester, individual, or organization must have contributed at the national level to state and private forestry.

Each NASF Current Achievement Award is designated with the name of a former state forester who was active in the identified state and private forestry area.

James L. Sledge was involved in forestry for over 40 years, and served as head of the Mississippi Forestry Commission from 1991-2005. He chaired the NASF Forest Resources Management Committee for three years and served as president of NASF from 2002-2003. Jim provided NASF leadership on the Healthy Forests Initiative and the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 as well as implementation of the Conservation Title programs in the 2002 Farm Bill.

The award was presented at the National Forest Stewardship Program Conference in Vancouver, Washington.

For more information please contact: Amanda Cooke, NASF Communications Director at acooke@stateforesters.org.

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