Colorado – FIA Crew Member

CO Forest Service

Embark on a thrilling journey as a Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Crew Member at the Colorado State Forest Service! You’ll play a key role in conducting forest inventory fieldwork across multiple states, contributing to a comprehensive inventory of forests in the United States.

Key Responsibilities:
• Conduct field measurements, including tree data, vegetation diversity, fuel loading, and more
• Ensure safe practices and advocate for productive team development
• Navigate diverse terrains using 4-wheel drive vehicles, UTVs, ATVs, horses, and boats
• Use GIS software, topographical maps, aerial photos, and GPS units for navigation
• Hike in varying conditions, carrying field gear at elevations from 3,500 to 14,000 feet
• Collaborate with USFS FIA liaisons to meet production and quality benchmarks

Adventure Awaits:
• Travel expenses paid for!
• Explore Colorado, Wyoming, and surrounding state’s public and private forests
• Assist in forest management, outreach, and administration when not in the field
• Analyze and present findings in diverse public settings

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