City of Lenexa (KS) – Forestry Technician

City of Lenexa, KS

The City of Lenexa, Kansas is currently looking for a Forestry Technician to join our Park Maintenance team within our Parks and Recreation division. This position works in the Landscape Division, under the direction of the Park Landscape Supervisor and performs manual work functions associated with the City’s urban forest. These functions include management of the comprehensive street tree inventory, identifying damaged and diseased trees, public education, organizing volunteer efforts, management of invasive pests and plants, tree nursery operations, and applications of pesticides. This position:
  • Oversees the implementation of the urban forestry management plan and Right of Way Tree Trimming Program so that environmental, aesthetic, and safety benefits are maximized.
  • Manages urban forest cost and benefits analysis and coordinates public relations and public education efforts. Responsible for the City’s EAB Management Plan.
  • Assists in keeping detailed department records pertaining to grounds maintenance activities including trees and related resources.
  • Assists with and prioritizes public service requests.
  • Prepares job sites for chemical application including, but not limited to, identifying vegetation, determining the correct mix of chemicals to apply, determining the type of application equipment to utilize, checking weather conditions, and possibly notifying area owners.
  • Provides in-service training for employees/workers in department procedures, including worker safety protection standards, chemical applications, and EPA-approved methods of chemical applications.
  • Assists with all landscape maintenance on park and public grounds, medians and right-of-ways.
  • Assists in maintaining detailed department records pertaining to forestry operations including equipment, material, and chemical application data.
  • Operates City equipment such as back hoes, skid steer loaders, stump grinders, chainsaws, dump trucks, chippers, lift trucks, track lifts, standard vehicles for transportation and snow removal equipment, and instructs employees on the safe operation of such equipment.
  • Provides input to supervisor regarding evaluation of regular and/or seasonal employees.
  • On-call availability as needed, must be available in the event of emergency cleanup efforts.
  • Assumes day-to-day responsibilities of the Crew Leader and/or Supervisor during his/her short-term absence.
Closing Date: July 8, 2024.

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