Tennessee – GIS & Data Systems Forester

TN Division of Forestry

This position is with the Tennessee Division of Forestry (TDF) Forest Data and Analysis Unit. The mission of the Unit is to collect, manage, visualize, map, analyze, and communicate data to address forest resource availability and sustainability, support Division of Forestry operations, and enhance business intelligence.

The Unit responsibilities include
• Managing TDF’s tabular and spatial data
• Implementing effective data management systems
• Evaluating and implementing technology for efficient data collection and management, mapping, and distribution to field staff
• Providing analytical services, such as forest resource assessments, to support the forest products industry
• Creating dashboards, hubs, and story maps to bring awareness of forests’ importance in the landscape, the forest products industry, and TDF (who we are, what we do, and why it’s important)
• Crafting research projects and analyses to answer pressing questions facing Tennessee’s forests, such as “How resilient are Tennessee’s forests?” and “How might wildland fire risk areas shift as Tennessee’s population increases?”
• Administering the Forest Inventory & Analysis Program in partnership with USDA Forest Service
• Administering timber utilization studies

To apply for this job please visit www.tn.gov.

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