Complex Incident Management Course

The national Complex Incident Management Course (CIMC) provides training for state emergency responders on multi-jurisdictional and all-hazard issues, including wildfire. The course is delivered up to twice a year (the location rotates among the three state forester regions) and can be completed within a week.

Click here for more information regarding the western region’s winter 2022 CIMC.

The original CIMC curriculum was developed in 1998 by NASF with grant support from the USDA Forest Service. As of 2019, NASF has trained 125 teams at 26 CIMC sessions held in Arizona, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, New York, Michigan, Montana, Maine, Wisconsin, and Oregon.

Who should take this course?

State forestry organization employees designated to fill a state level incident management team position, such as a(n): Incident Commander, Planning Section Chief, Operations Section Chief, Logistics Section Chief, Finance Section Chief, Safety Officer, Information Officer, or Liaison Officer. Candidates from the hosting region have priority for attendance.

How can I take this course?

To participate in a CIMC course, you must first be nominated by your state forester. Throughout the year, each state forester is notified of the dates and locations of upcoming CIMC trainings via email. State foresters nominate candidates for the program by emailing the CIMC Executive Secretary with their recommended candidates’ names and email addresses. The CIMC Executive Secretary then sends each candidate a user ID, password, and directions to apply for the course online.

Have questions? Contact Rick Dolan at (352) 353-5101 or Lorna Radcliff at (850) 681-5870

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