Idaho – Lands Resource Specialist

  • Full Time
  • Idaho

ID Dept of Lands

The Lands Resource Specialist position is used for training purposes for the Lands Resource Specialist, Senior. Through various types of on-the-job training, the employee will learn to carry out the duties of a Lands Resource Specialist, Senior including learning state laws and department policies and procedures.

After successful completion of the Lands Resource Specialist training plan (this will take between six (6) months and five (5) years, depending on experience) the employee will advance to a Lands Resource Specialist, Senior.  This advancement may include a pay increase.

Starting rate of pay will be determined using the employees’ experience and educational levels as answered in the supplemental questionnaire. 


Example of Duties

This position is needed to replace an existing position and is necessary to meet the mission of the department for this area by managing approximately 33% of the Area’s yearly timber volume of 21 MMBF sold each year. This position is also responsible for most all TM (Timber sale) and FM (Forest Improvement) projects. This position will be encouraged to participate in fire.

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