Idaho – Lands Program Manager, Forest Practices

  • Full Time
  • Idaho

ID Dept of Lands


  • Oversee statewide administration of the Idaho Forest Practices Act (FPA) Program and the Idaho Forest Stewardship Program. Duties include regulatory policy and procedure development; providing best management practice (BMP) guidance, training and enforcement support to field staff to ensure consistent and fair FP administration, providing staff support to the Idaho Forest Practices Advisory Committee (FPAC), recommending administrative rule and Idaho code changes regarding FP rules, and program budget oversight.
  • Assure statewide strategic direction for regulatory issues affecting state and private forest ownerships. Act as a point person for the agency regarding federal and state regulatory issues which could potentially affect IDL forest management on endowment lands.
  • Act as a primary contact point for other agencies, interest groups and elected officials regarding FP issues at the statewide level. Negotiate interagency cooperative agreements governing forest practices.
  • Administer requisite work and staffing to finish final implementation of the Forest Practices-related components of the Land Information Management System (LIMS).
  • Work w/FPAC members, stakeholders, and consultants to finalize final verbiage for a proposed rule changes.
  • Lead and supervise Stewardship & Regulatory Program Specialist.

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