Coquille Indian Tribe – Forester

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Coquille Indian Tribe

The Forester I role, under the direct supervision of the Natural Resources Director, embodies a multifaceted position at the heart of the Natural Resources Department’s operations. This individual serves as a linchpin in the management and expertise essential to the department’s core functions, encompassing timber sales, forest management, water resource stewardship, and compliance with environmental regulations such as ESA, NEPA, and CWA. A key aspect of the role involves providing strategic leadership in forest management, including the planning, execution, and documentation of silviculture practices, timber sale planning and administration, and contract development. Moreover, the Forester I assumes supervisory responsibilities over forestry technicians, ensuring performance standards are met while providing support to non-forestry staff as needed.

The Forester I’s duties extend beyond operational tasks to encompass a strategic oversight of forestry-related budgets, with input on broader departmental budgets when required by the Natural Resources Director. This entails prioritizing program areas in alignment with Tribal Council objectives for natural and cultural resource management. Moreover, the Forester I serves as a liaison with external entities, coordinating forest management activities with other departments and engaging with governmental bodies, intertribal organizations, and private sector entities to foster collaborative solutions to forest management challenges. From reviewing proposed legislation to writing grant applications and reports, the Forester I is deeply involved in shaping the department’s direction and ensuring the sustainable stewardship of Tribal forest resources. Forester I

Closing Date 12/01/2024

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