Support the Urban and Community Forestry Program

The Urban and Community Forestry Program of the USDA Forest Service enables critical assistance to communities in establishing and managing local urban and community forestry resources. The program helps keep trees and forests in our communities healthy, which benefits more than 220 million people—or 83 percent of the population—who live in urban areas in the United States. The program directly serves more than 7,000 communities across the United States.

Federal investments efficiently provide public goods that stimulate long-term economic growth, build infrastructure, and promote innovation.  Federal UCF funds are matched with private and public resources that improve local communities. Over the last 10 years, there has been a demonstrated rise in urban forestry jobs in communities that have received technical, educational, or financial assistance.  Trees and forests are America’s green infrastructure—our natural capital. Actively and sustainably managed urban and community trees and forests bolster local economies, improve human health, and bring communities closer together.

America’s natural capital is being decimated by insects such as the emerald ash borer, which has killed tens of millions of trees across the nation. This pest alone is a multi-billion dollar problem to American communities and the Urban and Community Forestry Program is an important part of the solution to reforest cities and towns across America.