Support State Fire Assistance and Volunteer Fire Assistance Programs

These programs provide crucial financial and technical assistance to states and local fire departments for wildland fire prevention, detection, and suppression. In addition to helping ensure that the nation’s first responders are prepared, the programs provide funding to complete hazardous fuels treatments designed to protect local communities from wildland fire and reduce the risk of future fires. State Foresters are responsible for wildfire protection on two thirds of America’s forested lands.

Specifically, this program also provides critically important and swift response capability on fires on federal lands. State Fire Assistance and Volunteer Fire Assistance (SFA/VFA) programs support the training and preparedness for several resource—including engines, crews, and training—to be available for surge capacity when needed on a national and local level. In 2016, SFA/VFA funding trained more than 48,000 firefighters and provided more than $14 million dollars in new or upgraded equipment. The programs engage more than 15,000 communities to develop and implement Community Wildfire Protection Plans.