Forest Action Plan

Missouri Department of Conservation

Sustaining Missouri’s Forests

Missouri’s statewide Forest Action Plan represents a new beginning in the way Missourians care for our trees and forests. The Action Plan is an evaluation of conditions, trends and threats facing our forests, and a roadmap to sustain them. Missouri’s trees, woodlands and forests are an incredible resource to behold – providing us with clean water and air, high-quality wildlife habitat, diverse outdoor recreational opportunities, and a forest products industry that contributes over $9 billion to Missouri’s economy annually. Ensuring that these benefits are sustained and enhanced for Missourians today and into the future is a priority for the Missouri Department of Conservation.


Conserving an array of forested natural communities for the diverse array of plants and animals that call them home

Promote sustainable communities. Encourage communities to enhance their livability by practicing conservation development, and managing a resilient, high quality community tree resource. Keep forests as forests by focusing development away from sensitive places.


Protecting Missouri’s forests from insects, disease, invasive organisms, land conversion, and wildfire

Maintain a vibrant, sustainable Missouri forest products industry. Work with forest industry to ensure sound, sustainable practices while building an awareness of Missouri forest products and their importance to the state.


Enhancing the services provided by Missouri’s forests including clean abundant drinking water, clean air, wildlife habitat, and forest products

Encourage Missouri landowners to actively care for their woods. Most of Missouri’s forests are privately owned, and we want to help increase the numbers of landowners managing their woodlands sustainably.

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