Forest Action Plans

Forest Action Plans are making a difference in every state.


What is a wildfire?
"Wildfire" is the term applied to any unwanted, unplanned, damaging fire burning in forest, shrub or grass. While sometimes caused by lightning, on average, nine out of ten wildfires nationwide are human-caused. Visit the National Interagency Fire Center for the latest fire statistics.

Aren’t some fires good?
Some ecosystems depend on periodic fires to maintain the habitats which make up the ecosystem. In these fire adapted areas, fire promotes plant and wildlife diversity and burns away accumulations of live and dead plant material (leaves, branches, trees). Prescribed fire is another type of fire that reintroduces the beneficial effects of fire into an ecosystem, producing the kinds of vegetation and landscapes we want, and reducing the hazard of catastrophic wildfire caused by excessive fuel buildup.

Smokey Bear’s message of prevention is always focused on unwanted, unintentional human-caused wildfires.

Where can I get Smokey Bear items?
From classic Smokey Bear posters to rulers and calendars, the NASF Store offers educational materials and to support the essential conservation education and fire prevention efforts of teachers, foresters, fire departments, and other agencies and organizations.

Our materials are to be distributed free to the public for educational purposes and cannot be resold. Individuals looking for free items are encouraged to contact their state forestry agency, as NASF is unable to provide giveaways directly to the public.

Can Smokey Bear come visit my school/club/event?
To request an appearance by Smokey Bear in your area, please contact the state forestry agency in your state. For a list of contact information, go to About NASF.

How can I feature a Smokey Bear advertisement?
All Smokey Bear advertisements are part of a public service campaign that relies on donated media to get out our message. If you would like to donate space for a wildfire prevention ad, please contact the Ad Council. We appreciate your support!

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