Partner Caucus on Fire Suppression Funding Solutions Letter: Fix Wildfire Funding This Year

The Partner Caucus on Fire Suppression Funding Solutions urges the new administration to address the budgeting problem associated with federal wildfire suppression by supporting a comprehensive fire funding solution that solves the borrowing issue and the erosion of budgets due to increasing wildfire suppression costs. 

The Caucus is composed of the National Association of State Foresters and more than 130 other international, national, and local organizations. The Caucus seeks a comprehensive solution to the wildfire suppression funding issue.

Letter to Secretary Designee, Sonny Perdue

Congratulations to Sonny Purdue and to the President Trump Administration. The nation’s fifty-nine State and Territorial Foresters that comprise the National Association of State Foresters are poised to work with you in using America’s forested green infrastructure to help make America great! Active management is the key to healthy forests and healthy communities. Collectively our State Forest Action Plans, that represent the first-ever comprehensive assessment of America’s forest resources, are the plans for our future forests and the key to focusing our active management efforts.