Report: Trees are essential for clean air

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Nature Conservancy released their Planting Healthy Air report, a study on how urban trees affect air quality in 245 cities. The report highlights how urban trees are reducing heat and particulate matter in cities around the world. These are only a few of the benfits that cities receive from urban canopies. 

The report focuses on return on investement of tree plantings in different cities to see which cities and neighborhoods benefit the most from tree-lined streets. With an investement of $4 per resident in tree planting, cities can increase the health of millions. With every tree planted, more toxins in the air are scrubbed out, lowering the risk for health issues like asthma.Green infrastructure has proven to be as efficient as conventional methods in cooling our city pavement and reducing the heat island effect while also being an aesthetic treat for pedestrians. See which cities around the world reap the most benefits from urban canopies in the Nature Conservancy's Planting Healthy Air report

Learn more about the benefits of urban canopies on NASF's Urban and Community Forestry page and download the My Tree-Our Forest fact sheet for your next outreach event!