New York Launching Three-Year Moose Study

Biologists from the state Department of Environmental Conservation will be launching a three-year study to determine how moose are doing in New York. At least some of the concern arises out of population declines occurring in Minnesota and New Hampshire.

The department will be partner with the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry to conduct the study.

Current viagra estimates put the population at between 500 and 1,000. I've seen estimates higher, but it is difficult to do an accurate accounting using sightings and road kills. The occasional aerial survey is done, but they are costly.

Researchers will conduct DNA studies from moose scat, GPS tracking collars will be used on four cows and aerial surveys will be conducted when there is snow on the ground making the animals easier to spot from the air. During the study, the public will be encouraged to report moose sightings. A smartphone app will also be developed to help disseminate information.

Learn more about New York's forest priorities in its Forest Action Plan.

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