Largest coal- to-biomass conversion in the country still going strong

Monday, December 17, 2012

In Newington New Hampshire over the past six years, the Schiller Station has been burning a half-million ton of wood chips each year at its biomass plant, reaching 3 million tons received and burned earlier this fall. That represents about a $95 million boost to the regional economy through the purchase of wood chips.

The 50 megawatt fluidized boiler in the biomass plant permanently replaced a coal-burning boiler of the same size. The plant has prevented more than 12,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, as well at 1.9 million tons of coal-related carbon dioxide emissions.

The wood chips used are a by-product of traditional logging activities. Where the thin, tops of the trees used to be left in the woods to decompose, they are now hauled out with the saw logs, chipped and delivered to Newington.