Connecticut’s Forests Making Major Contributions to the State’s Economy

Monday, June 1, 2015

A recent study shows that Connecticut’s forests are making a major contribution to the state’s economy – in addition to providing scenic beauty, habitat for wildlife, protection of resources, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

The study conducted by the North East State Foresters Association concluded that the state’s forests contribute $3.3 billion annually to the state’s economy, with the annual gross state output of Connecticut’s forest products industry accounting for over $2.1 billion of the total and the forest-based recreation economy generating another $1.2 billion a year.  The report also calculated that 8,200 workers are employed in the production of forest products while forest-based recreation supports another 4,600 jobs.

The study concurs with 2010 findings of the value of Connecticut’s Agriculture Industry reported by the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis at the University of Connecticut and  a 2011 report commissioned by DEEP on the economic contribution of State Parks and Forests.

With approximately 1.8 million acres of forest land – 73% of which is family-owned – Connecticut grows approximately 96 million cubic feet of timber annually with approximately 13.7 million cubic of timber harvested annually.

“The forest-based economy report highlights forests as a significant contributor to Connecticut’s overall economic health, one that is often overshadowed by the traditionally viewed economic giants such as the defense and insurance sectors.” said Chris Martin DEEP Forestry Director.