NASF Resolution No. 1996-2: 2002 Olympic Games and a National Initiative for Urban and Community Forestry (retired)

Relating to the 2002 Olympic Games and a
National Cooperative Initiative for Urban & Community Forestry

WHEREAS, The 2002 Winter Olympics will be held in Salt Lake City and other communities along Utah's Wasatch Front, and

WHEREAS, Previous Olympic Games in Lilliehammer, Norway and Atlanta, Georgia have revealed the interest worldwide in environmental issues and the related opportunities for environmental education among Olympic host communities and event attendees, and

WHEREAS, The USDA Forest Service Region 4 and the Utah State Forester cooperatively assist the state's constituents with State & Private Forestry Programs that involve tree planting, community education, extension workshops and other efforts to promote healthy, viable trees and forests throughout the state's neighborhoods, and

WHEREAS, It has been proposed that an Olympic Initiative consisting of the following activities be approved and enacted:

  1. Focused Tree & Shrub Plantings, Tree Enhancement and Maintenance;
  2. Four Area Focus -
    1. Salt Lake Gateway: Projects focused on planting at key gateways and along major travel corridors to Olympic event areas on National Forest and private or other public lands;
    2. Olympic Core Area: Landscape Plantings focused on developing community gateways, green belts and grouping of trees and shrub plantings along travel corridors and local points near Olympic event or activity sites;
    3. State Gateways: Secondary planting projects along primary transportation corridors near the state borders to enhance local community participation and establish a sense of arrival for Olympic visitors traveling by car;
    4. Non-Core Utah Communities: Encouragement of landscape plantings and development of green-belts in communities not within the Olympic Core but located along major transportation corridors;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the NASF recognizes the following:

  • This initiative is a national priority for demonstrating delivery of Urban and Community Forestry Programs;
  • This initiative should be recognized, supported and implemented by the Congress of the United States during the appropriations process;
  • This initiative should be delivered by the Forest Service and Utah State Forester through appropriate cooperative methods to the extent that the United States Congress has authorized program support.


( X ) Approved Attest: Stanley F. Hamilton

Date of Action: 9/26/96 Witness: L. Earl Peterson

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