NASF Resolution No. 1996-1: Wildland / Urban Interface Fire Standards

Relating to Wildland / Urban Interface Fire Standards

WHEREAS, People are attracted to more rural settings to live and work to escape the noise, congestion, pollution, and crowding in cities, and

WHEREAS, Buildings and people that are intermingled with wildland areas constitute wildland / urban interface fire protection problems, and

WHEREAS, Interface fires destroy homes, businesses, improvements, and natural resources; threaten lives, disrupt lives and local economics; and are difficult fires to control and extremely costly to fight, and

WHEREAS, Standards as reflected in regulations, codes, ordinances, or guidelines help to guide development and protect health and safety, and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: The National Association of State Foresters encourages local governments to adopt standards, either voluntary or mandatory, for the wildland / urban interface areas.


( X ) Approved Attest: Stanley F. Hamilton

Date of Action: 9/26/96 Witness: L. Earl Peterson

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