NASF Resolution No. 1992-4: Stewardship Incentives Program Fund Use

Stewardship Incentives Program Fund Use for Forest Stewardship Plans
(retired by Resolution No. 2004-6)

WHEREAS: The main objective of the Forest Stewardship Program is to develop forest management plans on new Non-Industrial Forest Land; and

WHEREAS: The State Forestry agencies are experiencing major reductions in funding from state sources; and

WHEREAS: The Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act as amended by the 1990 Farm Bill strongly encourages the use of private consulting foresters to assist in delivering the Forest Stewardship Program; and

WHEREAS: The funding for the Forest Stewardship has not reached the level as requested by the National Association of State Foresters;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Association of State Foresters recommends to the USDA Forest Service that the 25% cap on the use of SIP-1 be shifted from an individual state to USFS Region and Area level, allowing unique state needs for expanded use of SIP-1 to be approved at the regional and area level as long as totals do not exceed 25%.

Passed October 15, 1992

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