NASF Resolution No. 1990-2: Urban Forestry


WHEREAS: the President of the United States has called for a major initiative in his America the Beautiful program to plant and care for 30 million trees in our Nation's cities and communities;

WHEREAS: the American people are concerned over the substantial loss of trees and forest cover in cities and communities;

WHEREAS: it has been demonstrated that trees and forests in urban areas can conserve energy, mitigate the urban heat island, and reduce the build-up of carbon dioxide;

WHEREAS: the Congress of the United States has responded in these issues by a significant increase in the budget for Urban and Community Forestry and new funding for the National Tree Trust;

WHEREAS: Individual citizens, volunteer groups and others are responding to the challenge in cities and communities throughout the country; and

WHEREAS: continued citizen, Presidential, and Congressional support for an expanded urban community forestry program on the part of the Forest Service and State Foresters depends upon responsive leadership on our part;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the National Association of State Foresters that they and the member State Foresters will respond to the challenge and to the trust of the American people, the administration and congress by establishing innovative and vigorous urban and community forestry programs in each of our respective statea; and aggressively pursuing a course of action to foster partnership efforts that will empower citizens, volunteer groups, local jurisdictions, professionals, and cooperators to work together in support of healthy and sustained trees and forests in cities and communities throughout the United States.

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