NASF Resolution No. 1988-8: Total Mobility (retired by Resolution No. 2005-2 and updated by Resolution No. 2005-3)

(retired by Resolution No. 2005-2 and updated by Resolution No. 2005-3)

WHEREAS, more and more people are building homes in wildland areas and in the Wildland/Urban Interface; and

WHEREAS, most wildland fire protection organizations are not equipped to protect these structures or the lives of the people living in these areas; and

WHEREAS, these factors, together with climactic conditions, have resulted in an increase in the fire danger nationwide; and

WHEREAS, the effective protection of the people, their homes, and other resources, require the effective use of all local, state, regional, and national emergency response organization; and

WHEREAS, the work of these agencies cannot be effective without a common and coordinated management system; and

WHEREAS, the lack of a common management system can and will result in unsafe, inefficient, and often counter-productive actions; and

WHEREAS, there is a management system now used by many organizations that has demonstrated that it is an effective management system; and

WHEREAS, this management system known as the "Incident Command System (ICS)," is the command structure in the "National Interagency Incident Management System (NIIMS)"; and

WHEREAS, the Incident Command System provides a common single system with a flexible structure designed for day-to-day emergencies, as well as those having multi-jurisdictional/multi-agency applications.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Association of State Foresters adopt the Incident Command System as the vehicle that will make possible total mobility and the effective use of all emergency response resources.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the National Association of State Foresters urges each State Forester to provide the necessary leadership in his state for this "total mobility concept", which will result in more effective use of all the resources that respond to fire or any other emergency.

Action Taken ADOPTED Attest: Robert S. "Sid" Moss


September 12, 1988 Witness: Roy Ashley

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