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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is currently seeking a Property Manager at Vallonia Nursery located in Southern Indiana. Responsibilities will include all aspects of Nursery Management to assist with annual production of 2.5-3.5 million high quality seedlings. Work includes responsibility for long and short-range planning, budget management, personnel recruitment and hiring as well as overseeing the daily operations and labor force. This is a very hands on position which requires a great deal of work outside of an office setting.

Grow, harvest, package, properly store and distribute to Indiana landowners (customers) 2.5 to 3.5 million quality tree and shrub seedlings annually. Responsible for helping to meet all property budgets (operating, pm and intermittent payroll). Assist with property purchasing the needs to operate a seedling nursery and provide all facility maintenance to such entity. In charge of the daily operations in running a 250 acre seedling production nursery. Plan,schedule, assign, and supervise the labor force at the nursery (4 full-time staff, 15-20 Seasonal Laborers, 1 Department of Correction (DOC) guard, up to 45 non-violent offenders). Assist in the purchasing and testing of all seed required to produce 2.5 to 3.5 million shippable seedlings. Plan, coordinate and inspect all daily operations to meet production goals. Oversee the maintenance of all nursery facilities and a manager’s residence. Provide technical support, supervision and help carry out all necessary cultural practices to assure stock quality. Supervise shipping office clerk to ensure property reports, sales entries and record keeping is completed accurately, timely, and within standard operating procedures. Responsible for Completion of annual performance appraisals for 1 Admin. Asst. clerk (shipping) and 1 Forest Specialist 2 Assist with security to buildings/grounds throughout the entire year. Provide proper protection to seedlings from frost, extreme cold/hot temperatures, lack of adequate moisture, and high winds on a needed basis. Give presentations to the general public, interested groups, and the Nurserymen’s Association. Make hiring decisions for all intermittent employees and provide recommendations for all full time hires. Oversee and authorize employee payroll activities.

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Closing Date: 12-06-18

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