BIA Student Internship Program - Forestry

Vacancies for BIA Student Internship Program for Forestry Interns are now open from 2/9/2018 through 3/26/2018!

Click the link  to apply.

Open to tribal undergraduates seeking forestry or forestry related degrees in accredited academic institutions nationwide. This program allows students to gain experience as a pre-professional forester while completing your education.

Student trainees will have the opportunity work alongside tribal foresters with a BIA Agency or tribal forestry department each summer until trainees graduate with a Bachelor degree.

Selected student trainees will also receive $5000.00 in tuition assistance annually. Requirements and detailed information for these positions can be found on the vacancy announcement.

The BIA Branch of Forestry and Wildland Fire Management and SKC Center for Tribal Research & Education in Ecosystem Sciences partner to provide tribal undergraduates enrolled in forestry or forestry related degree programs a unique paid internship opportunity.

For more information, please email