Hawaii Burns Through Wildfire Budget

Due to a deepening drought and being hit by a couple of major out-of-season brush fires, Hawaii burned through its budget for fighting wildland fires in February, four months before the end of the fiscal year.

Now, unless funds appear from other sources, the state agency responsible for fire suppression across more than 1.6 million acres might have to raid other forestry and wildlife programs if there's a need to respond to additional fires in Hawaii's wilderness, officials said.

Meet Colorado's 2016 Wildfire Mitigation Award Winners

The National Wildfire Mitigation Awards proigram is supported NASF, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the USDA Forest Service and the National Fire Protection Association.

Southwest Coloradoans accounted for three out of 12 awards handed out nationally for fire mitigation worked performed in communities. Three Colorado winners were Peggy Beach of Pagosa Springs, Les Cole or La Plata County and Phillip Walters of Montezuma County, Colorado. Their awards were presented at the monthly FireWise meeting in Durango, Colorado.

New Partnership Focuses on Increased Use of Fire in California for Natural Resource and Public Benefits

Federal and State agency officials gathered today with conservation and community fire protection groups to kick off the inaugural workshop for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will promote the careful and expanded use of fire for natural resource and other social benefits in California.